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1. A Day in the Life (2014)

2. Raining in my Room (2009)

3. Away with Words (2009)

4. Nearly Healthy (2010)

5. Nearly Healthy (2010)

6. Book Rehousing Project (2011)

7. Penny Sentinel (2008)

8. By The Time You're 25 (2007)

9. Raining in my Room (2009)

10. Tomorrow's Machine Today #1 (2011)

11. Tomorrow's Machine Today #2 (2011)

12. Tomorrow's Machine Today #2.5 (2011)

13. Tomorrow's Machine Today #3 (2012)

14. Walk So Differently (2009)

I have been making zines since I was a teenager in the 1990s, and will probably continue to make them until the day I die. This gallery is a small selection of some pages from some of the zines I have made over the years.

My most recent ongoing zine project is a collaboration with Tim called Numbers. Numbers is a free, double-sided A4 page sized zine that we make on a roughly fortnightly basis. (See the Numbers gallery for more details).

Numbers and my other current zines can be purchased from Take Care (a distro I co-run with Tim).

My zine Nearly Healthy is discussed in detail in a chapter of the book Life Narratives and Youth Culture (2016) by Kate Douglas and Anna Poletti. The chapter can be read online here.

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