Emma Davidson



About this work

Underground Fairylands

A zine & shop girls' manifesto, edition of 20, 2013.

Second edition 2017.

"So, day after day, he lived in the grey phantasmal world, akin to death, that has, somehow, with most of us, made good its claim to be called life. To Darnell the true life would have seemed madness, and when, now and again, the shadows and vague images reflected from its splendour fell across his path, he was afraid, and took refuge in what he would have called the sane 'reality' of common and usual incidents and interests... But so went forth Darnell, day by day, strangely  mistaking death for life, madness for sanity, and purposeless and wandering phantoms for true beings. He was sincerely of opinion that he was a City clerk, living in Shepherd's Bush—having forgotten the mysteries and the far-shining glories of the kingdom which was his by legitimate inheritance."

Photocopy, gocco print and letterpress on paper.

© Emma Davidson 2018