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The White Room, or, Astronauts are not Excitable

Solo exhibition, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Marrickville, 2010.

Full list of works below.

Front room:

Astronauts are not Excitable (zine; risograph and photocopy on butcher's paper, edition of 45)

Ghosts of American Astronauts (eight collages; photocopy, paper and nail polish on card)

Don't Cry Too Much/The Mission on Paper/Beautiful Earth out There (posters; risograph on butcher's paper, edition of 20/15/10 respectively)

Back room:

Astronauts are not Excitable (fourteen collages; found images and text on card with document frame)

In praise of the future (for Jon Langford) (solo space capsule based on NASA Mercury MacDonnel model; plywood and pine frame with cardboard, foam, plastic matting and fairy lights)

"I was such an optimistic kid. I'm an anarchist because I am angry about not being able to be an astronaut."

An exhibition about space, utopia, and the Mekons.

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