Emma Davidson



About this work


A zine collaboration with Tim, made on a roughly fortnightly basis since late 2016.

Each issue is a double sided, photocopied A4 page, with Tim and I taking a side each (the images in this gallery are of 'my' side of the zine). The writing on my side of the zine is inspired by the objects in my house, and memories of objects in other houses and rooms that I've lived in or temporarily inhabited. The coloured backgrounds are simplified digital tracings of artworks—some my own, some by other (much more well known!) artists.

My side of Numbers is designed so that each issue can be 'read' 1) literally, as a piece of writing b) as an abstract composition of colour and line and c) eventually (after the publication of many more issues), as a modular artwork that can be viewed in many configurations, e.g. as a large grid on a wall, a book etc.

Numbers is free and available from Take Care zine distro (which I co-run with Tim) and Small Zine Volcano, a distributor of free zines operating from Melbourne.

© Emma Davidson 2018