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About this work

Illustration & Comics

1. All call themselves 'Me'. The Lifted Brow issue 32 2016. Paper and digital collage, found images and text.

2. I Fell Asleep. One of several comics drawn for Feminartsy, 2015 - 2016. Pencil, pen and digital ink on paper.

3. Omnia Sunt Communia. Comic in 'If we all spat at once they'd drown', ed. Sam Wallman, 2016. Pen, ink and marker on paper.

4. Our Town. Poster for a production of Thornton Wilder's play by TARA, 2013. Paper collage, photocopy, calligraphy, found image.

5. Other Worlds Poster Zine #1. Cover designer and editor of publication for Other Worlds Zine Fair 2016. Ink, paper collage, photocopy and pencil on paper.

6. The Hundred Year War. Album artwork for YNTPM compilation, 2016. Paper collage of found images, digital typesetting.

7. Dilemmas, Pop Intervention. Album artwork for YNTPM band, 2015. Digitally coloured pen and ink drawing.

8. Dilemmas, Zero Work. Album artwork for YNTPM band, 2017. Pen drawing with digital collage.

9. Every day she wakes full of hope. From Other Worlds Poster Zine #2 (ed. Bailey Sharp and Ben Juers), collage and photocopy on paper with digital ink, 2017.

I welcome enquiries about design work, illustrations, commissions and permission to reproduce my work.

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