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Digging &

I sat in the Cafe de Banques, which no longer exists

Two zines and installations, partially inspired by a small section in Memoirs of a DADA Drummer, by Richard Huelsenbeck:

"The next day I ambled through Zurich. I paused at Bellevue-Ecke, which hadn't yet become a traffic centre. Then I walked along the lake, watching the swans whose feed Ball had envied; I walked, last but not least, down the Bahnhofstrasse, which was more of an international promenade in those days. Here, one might see refugees from all over the world; you could tell them by their clothes, which were so different from the respectable Swiss coats.

I sat in the Cafe des Bangues, which no longer exists and where we subsequently saw Mary Wigman dance. She put on a special performance for us dadaists and 'danced Nietzsche'. I can still see her in the centre of a circle, waving Zarathustra about. Left, right, left, right - 'and conceived deeper than day'."

Small but important stepping stone work: developing an aesthetic, a mood, an idea. Maybe not quite succeeding, but getting there.

Zine (Digging) 10x10cm, photocopy on paper.

Zine (I sat in the Cafe de Baques... [sic]) 15x15cm, risograph on paper.

Installation dimensions variable, mixed media (wire fence, found images and text, ink, glitter, magnets, map pins, acoustic board, zines.)

Little Fish Gallery, Enmore, 2009, and Sydney College of the Arts, 2009.

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