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Dexter Fletcher

1. Huffin' Textas. Zine (cover, one of four different designs). Gocco print on card with photocopied pages. Launched at Redressers Forever exhibition, 55 Sydenham Rd, 2015.

2 & 3. Careers in Retail. Installation, digital prints with merchandise stand, 55 Sydenham Rd, 2013.

4 & 5. Friday Night Theory. Film (stills), launched at Sticky Institute, 2015.

6. Redressers Forever. (Detail), Gocco printed postcards, permanent marker, 55 Sydenham Rd 2015.

7. An A-Z of the Non-Property Owning Classes Represented as a Paint Chart. (detail), paint swatches, permanent marker, exhibited in V V at 55 Sydenham Rd, 2013.

8. Not to Attach Any Fixture: A Social History of Blu-Tack and its Uses and Abuses among members of the Renting Class, with Slides and Commentary. (Detail), Powerpoint slideshow presentation, performed at Second Circulation, 2015.

9 & 10. The Uses of Letraset. (Detail), found images, photocopies, bulldog clips, paperclips, glitter. Exhibited in Second Circulation at Verge Gallery, 2015.

11. Common People. Digital print from Careers in Retail series, exhibited here in Second Circulation at Verge Gallery, 2015.

Dexter Fletcher is a mysterious feminist art gang of two.

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